One of the biggest health challenges we face, is work posture causing pain!

Rarely talked about and never tracked, my research showed that over 80% of research participants were experiencing musculoskeletal pain and of that number,

over 11% experienced chronic pain!

Chronic pain cost the Australian economy $7 billion in lost productivity last year. What did it cost your company?

Just by creating the  ROLL-RESET-RELAX habit, you can reduce upper body discomfort and pain by

- 50%

More than just another poster and a good idea. The ROLL-RESET-RELAX flyer contains an infographic and instruction sheet that explains why this easy work skill is now an essential and powerful tool in efforts to decrease absenteeism and increase productivity. 

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ROLL your shoulders


RESET your posture


Consciously RELAX

One Simple but Powerful Habit!

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