The Small Things You Do Every Day

Make a BIG difference to your comfort and productivity at work

The Small Changes Project 

Discovered more handouts, checklists, and videos showing you simple no-cost changes to make you more comfortable and more productive at work. 

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Take A Break

Save these videos to your phone. Relax your mind while on the treadmill or even meditating.

20 min Waterfall 

  15 min Pond 


 3 Simple Checks to Reduce Headaches


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Small Changes Checks

The Small Checks To Make Every Day


Easy Workstation Checklist

Check these  common issues that lead to pain

Self-Care Competencies

For a Unique 21st Century Workforce

Download this illustrated PDF showing solutions for common issues causing pain and possibly injuries when working with screens 





Reduce neck and shoulder discomfort by 50%

Download this flyer with instruction notes.

As we type or swipe, we build up tension in our neck and shoulders. To release the tension that leads to sore muscles and headaches, we need to do a big movement and consciously relax. 

Build a Roll-Rest-Relax into a regular habit 


Avoid Headaches and Eye Strain


Download our FREE illustrated cheat sheet to avoid common issues that lead to pain!

Swiping or Typing

Screens cause us pain!

Think about the Equipment on your desk!


Small adjustments can make a big difference to your comfort!



Small Changes Videos

The Small Actions To Take Every Day


Upper Back Pain?

Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension and Pain



What are MSD's?

Pain and soft tissue injuries are increasingly common among computer and screen users. 

Watch this short video to know the signs an how to protect yourself from a very painful injury that can last for months or even years! 



Stretches to Relieve Muscle Soreness

Working with computers and screens is surprisingly hard on your body

Try these simple stretches throughout the day to release tension, reduce muscle pain and help prevent soft tissue injuries.



Headaches and a Sore Neck?

Try these simple changes! 



Standing to Work?

How to protect your back at standing workstations 



Choose the Right Shoes

The right shoes will protect your back when standing 



Upper Back Pain?

Check for awkward postures